Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Pogues/Marseille Figs - 9:30 Club - March 16 2009

Marseille Figs - A three piece with singer/guitarist and two guys that switched around from various keyed instruments or brass. A twisted folk-blues Americana sound pretty much was the main course. A couple of songs, Caesar's Revenge and Jumbo were intense standouts. Some of the material was a bit duller, but still a good opening set. The musicians helped out on brass for a few Pogues songs, too, which was a nice complement.

The Pogues - The first of three nights in DC for the Pogues seemed like the best night to catch them for two reasons. First, Shane MacGowan may have more voice and coherence. Second, it avoids the St. Patrick's Day crowd. And that seemed to be a successful formula for another fine Pogues show. MacGowan still can hit most cues and sometimes focus his growl into hitting notes. Aside from one time where he started to wander off in the middle of a two song encore and had to be redirected back, he was in good control of himself (great head of hair, too). The band was solid and is all original from its second lineup. I am always impressed with Terry Woods, now 61 in his 42nd year of being in professional bands and still playing with great dexterity and style. The Pogues may not have that killer raucous edge that they had as youngsters playing original punk tinged Irish music, but they still are a great night out and a classic one of a kind band.

Quote of the Night: "And the address on this is what?" queried to me by the ID checker at the door while studying my drivers license. Now, I am 49 years old, look like the photo, so why are secure quality control procedures employed? I don't even drink, but the stamp washes out easier than the "x" so I answered. I have news for the 9:30 Club. Perhaps the DC Government is incompetent enough to send a 49 year old tester to see if Clubs are following ID procedures, but they would be laughed out of any courtroom if they decided to take action.

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