Sunday, March 8, 2009

Five Four/Caverns/Mother - Velvet Lounge - March 7 2009

Mother were a six piece band that pretty much created the sound of a trio. Take a tip from a friend of mine if you ever tour... Less members are less mouths to feed. Musically, their songs began by sounding like Thin Lizzy outtakes with roadies singing. But then, to be fair, the last couple of songs were strong and rocked nicely. So there is a kernel of something working here.

Caverns - Read my review below. Nothing has changed other than I put them and Detroit's Paik as THE two most interesting and intense power trios working today (and they both have very original takes on the power trio concept).

Five Four - I left early as it got crowded and I was mostly here to see Caverns and remind myself of the goods and bads of this club as I may be bringing a band here in a few months. I've warned the band of the negatives, so we shall see.

Quote of the Day: Well, it was more of what was throught but I would have heard it if I could read minds. "Who is this weirdo?" was thought by a good friend of mine when I stopped to stare at her as we almost walked right by each other on Mass Avenue today. Fortunately we both recognized one another, although even as I recognize someone, when it is a surprise, it takes such a long time for my otherwise quick brain to process the information. Nice to know small town style can occur in DC.

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