Thursday, March 12, 2009

These Arms are Snakes/All the Saints/The Coathangers/Caverns - Rock'n'Roll Hotel - March 11 2009

Caverns - Another fine show and the last one for a while. I have written about them twice before and everything is still good.

The Coathangers - I believe in this century that there isn't any need to point out whether a band is all women or some percentage as there has been enough "integration" to make it far less unique than when I was young. But this band does take me back to the post-Slits world of early punkrock. This band reminds me of the crazed fun you could experience when seeing Milwaukee's Ama-Dots or LA's Frightwig. Coathangers had exhuberance to burn and this set was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. It is nice to be able to feel this primal joy again.

All the Saints - Three piece shoe gaze from Atlanta. Nice sound, but the songs didn't jump out at me. Maybe this isn't my favorite style, but I don't mind it in small doses. Fair effort, but this set couldn't challenge the diverse fun of the openers.

These Arms are Snakes - Heavy, powerhouse songs in the Nine Inch Nails neighborhood. Very modern, intense and well received by the revved up crowd. This band knows what it wants and delivers the goods and I'm reduced to cliches, so check them out for yourself.

Quote of the Night: "We suck, good night" from The Coathangers as their last song fell apart. Really that was the only one, except for the bass breaking down in the first song with the replacement bass being plugged in just in time for the last four notes. Didn't hurt their set a bit, with their attitude and style being so good.

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