Friday, October 15, 2010

Agnostic Front - Mother of Mercy - Product of Waste -- DC9 - Oct 14 2010

Product of Waste - Five-piece hardcore band from the northeast. Two loud guitars, rhythm section and a vocalist. Sounds like they learned their lessons from MDC and all the rest. All thrash, aside from one dirge. I couldn't hear the lyrics but it was probably the usual anti-corporate rants against Total Quality Management and task-based reorganizations--you know, all the basics.

Mother of Mercy - Another five-piece hardcore band (well, they all are tonight) with the usual hardcore thrash sound. This band was a bit tighter and more ferocious than the first band. The vocalist screamed well, although I couldn't hear the lyrics. Probably the old chestnuts about Rosicrucian heresy and opposition to Papal Bull 1244 (Impia judeorum perfidia).

Agnostic Front - Now here is how hardcore should be played, boys and girls. Part of it is that these guys were out there first, but they also have the style, skills, and energy to bring the room to a fever pitch. Aside from an all-star encore earlier this year, I have not seen these guys in a about a quarter of a century, so there was some nostalgia in the air, but that did not last long. From the first musical thrust to the last, these guys nailed it. Powerhouse hardcore punk rock, New Your styled. Lots of the early classics, with a sample of newer material and a cover of Iron Cross's "Crucified". The crowd was bonkers with a heavier mosh pit than at other like shows I have been at. The bouncers were busy, but kept things from getting too dangerous, so all went down pretty well for this level of intensity in such a small space. And it was a good sized crowd tonight. I like Roger Miret's singing and energy as much as anybody doing this. No cliched screaming or metal moves, just tough and tuneful. Amazing how few vocalists can just keep it simple that way.

Quote of the Night: Tour Manager talking with opening band before show while getting some dinner... "I always get one thing done. Just make sure we eat."  And the band... "It is what it is." "Yeah, I mean it's a once in a lifetime experience."

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