Friday, October 15, 2010

DC9 News flash

I just heard that about some time after leaving the DC9 after last night's show, a man who was denied entry to the club and threw a brick threw the window was beaten to death by allegedly four members of the club. Shows are canceled for the next few days, but stay tuned for further serious ramifications.

Update: 2:40pm... Just want to state that I was at home when the incident happened and am guessing the bands were long gone by then. But that is a key point, unless anyone was present, then it is pretty much guessing and speculation. There are a lot of things floating around and in typical internet fashion (although no different from water cooler conversation), there are a whole lot of opinions being tossed around. I will let the process continue whether it reaches a satisfactory conclusion or not (and it can't be completely satisfactory like much of life). I have nothing to comment on at this time, but will head off to the Rock'n'Roll Hotel tonight and continue doing what I do.

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