Thursday, September 12, 2013

Chelsea Wolfe - True Widow -- Rock'n'Roll Hotel - Sep11 2013

True Widow - This Texas trio describes themselves as 'stonegaze'. I have not heard that one before, but it is a good place to start with their particular brand of sludge/drone metal. They maintain a lento pace and shine most when they sneak in some psychedlic feelings into the mix. They are warmer than others of this sort (more stoner than metal, I suppose) and have a fair command on their style. At times, I find myself drifting away but then they do enough to pull me back in. There was one cut with some dazzling harmonies that fully brought me to the exciting part of their world. From then on, they had my respect and reminded me how this sort of music should be a part of everyone's lives. Not every day perhaps, but it is a great way to drift away with thoughts and get a crunching rock environment to observe along the way. This was a good start, but I hope these three continue to expand their ideas as they could really rise to something special if they find their best and grow from there.
Chelsea Wolfe - While more often than not, a picture is worth far less than 1,000 words, I think the above photo may prove the saying true as it captures a glimpse into what makes this fascinating artist and her band work so well. But allow me to expand with another hundred words or more. After a long progressive-gothic intro, the band expands the sound with their guitar, bass and keyboard combo, and drums. Ms. Wolfe enters to add some guitar and most importantly her powerful and chilling vocals. It is impossible for someone who grew up as I did, not to think of Siouxsie Sioux at this point, but I also hear a cross between Grace Slick and Sonja Kristina (Curved Air). The air of heaviness from the first band's set is still present, but this band shapes it into a sleek, chromium plated drive shaft of sound that has an edge of the seat intensity about it, no matter the pace or volume. They have subtle shifts in their songs, yet the command of the atmosphere is as strong as any band you could name. They are cool, precise, and have a quiet intensity in their playing and vocals that builds up or drills deep. It was not surprising to see a diverse crowd of varied music lovers at rapt attention throughout this set. Chelsea Wolfe clearly has something going here.

Quote of the Night: As I walked to the club, there was this exchange from somewhere behind me...
Child: "Mommy hit me on the head."
Mom: "I didn't touch you."

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