Sunday, August 3, 2014

Boris - The Atlas Moth - Sub Rosa -- 9:30 Club - Aug 2 2014

Sub Rosa - This band looks like they have potential. There are three women on guitar, two violins, with all on vocals. Add a rhythm section and the sound potential looks fascinating. At the end of 29 minutes, the potential is still there, but not enough happened in between. It was doom laden the whole way with quiet chanting bits leading to louder bits with just the three rock instruments for a bit, then all five grinding away. The violins did add some great sound to the drone, but it just was not enough. There were enough people here that enjoy this premise and don't ask for anything more. I did enjoy the atmosphere for a time, but I can never fully get into bands that work for a sound, but have so little within.

The Atlas Moth - This Chicago quintet was just here at the DC9 in March, but seem quite happy to return on this tour and spread their music to an even bigger crowd tonight. They were a little slippery to get into early in the set, but by the end they finished with an intriguing blend of sounds that ranged from death metal to Kattatonia like prog-metal to droning songs and even something akin to experimental music working its way in. There were two or three guitars going most of the time with one guitarist switching to synthesizer and keyboards a few times, which really added some interesting twists. There were two or three songs which clearly displayed careful thought in the writing and arranging and showed off the bands skill at shaping atmosphere into a focused structure that was highly personal and inviting. This was a pleasure.
Boris - I have lost count of the times I have seen this fantastic Japanese trio. I did not take any notes as I just let their 80-minute set work its magic. Some of it is familiar with much of their wonderful new album on display as well. They ran the gamut from drone to fast metal, to psyche metal, with even a lighter pop song. I find it interesting, but not at all surprising that I see so many area musicians at a Boris show when they come to DC. They remain an absolutely brilliant live band that I will continue to make the effort to see every time they are nearby.

Quote of the Night - Another 'classic musician on musician insult' from Tom Hawking's list...

12. Mark “E” Everett on The Beatles
“John Lennon sings about peace because he’s a woman-beater. Hippies are so full of shit.”

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