Friday, August 1, 2014

Golden Looks - Teen Mom -- Rock'n'Roll Hotel - Jul 31 2014

Teen Mom - It is been a while since I've seen this local trio. They were always a little slippery for me to grab onto, although their sets always impressed. Tonight, some of those same challenges were there. I thought they started a little slow, especially with a laid back style between songs that made Jimmy Buffet look like a punk rocker. But then as the music flowed, their unique take on power pop music took over and created some real magic. They have some absolutely brilliant songs with at least one that could have been a radio hit if the era was right. Although I like the pacier cuts, they pull back well and offer some interesting variations, which require a bit more focus than most band's songs need. They had a nice long 47 minute set tonight that was well received and allowed a full showing of their song varieties. So this is still a band that perplexes me, but I am always happy to listen to, because the successful songs are so much better than most of what I hear.
Golden Looks - Fresh off of their album release, Golden Looks hits the stage to a small, but very enthusiastic crowd that was here for the music. They are fairly new around here, but not really as they come from bands, some of which, I have seen long ago. Also a trio, I can't tell whether they are playing with two guitars or if one if them is a six-string bass. The sound is fine with always enough bass, and they do switch instruments around with traditional basses. The drummer is doing double duty tonight, and this is his first show with this band. He is a real powerhouse, so he can probably drum for about anybody in town and help them sound good. The axe players are up to the task as they crank out some fine crisp, pacey, chirping pop-punk tunes. They both sing and have a female and male voice to work with. They harmonize a bit and probably should explore that further as they continue to write songs. They have a fresh, fun set of personalities, so it is hard not to enjoy their set, as the audience did.

Quote of the Night: Yet another 'classic' musician on musician insult. We're getting deep in the list, but still another dozen to come...

13. Rick James on Prince
“A little short ego-ed fucker who I had a feeling didn’t like people of his own race and wanted to be white and taller.”

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