Sunday, July 24, 2016

Super Furry Animals - Chris Forsyth & the Solar Motel Band-- 9:30 Club - Jul 23 2016

by John Miller

Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band - This band are supporting headliners Super Furry Animals this evening and for a couple of other shows in the northeast. A four piece hailing from the City of Brotherly Love, they have just released their third effort, Rarity of Experience. Much like Thursday's Holy Fuck show, their compositions are largely absent of vocals. Leaning on some serious 70s rock, this is far more traditional than Thursday’s show but there is still some ample room for plenty of experimentation. One might think jam band, but I hear something far more concrete. Even though their compositions tend to last well over five minutes, every riff, note, and fill has a purpose. There isn't noise for noise's sake, noodling, or extensive use of delay. No filler, just solid songs.

Super Furry Animals - Super Furry Animals have been somewhat silent for almost a decade. The last album. Dark Days/Light Years, was released all the way back in 2009. This newly reunited Welsh outfit, has been out just playing shows and not really supporting anything particular. I know David has had some issues seeing some reunited acts that fail to deliver; thankfully I have yet to run into anything truly deplorable (Ed-I think a majority end up with successful new life, thankfully). Though they didn't walk on stage to it, an extra long version of the theme to Hawaii Five-O played just before the theatrics began. A note; if you want to get a crowd pumped, play Hawaii Five-O before doing anything.  Clad in white jumpsuits, the five members come out to thumping bass and a frantic video backing piece that shakes with each image. There are helmets and signs too; one simply says "Ape Shit". The audience complies. Super Furry run through some of their more popular songs to begin with. It's a fun set. The psych-pop begins easy enough but each song grows, expands, and bursts. Stopping half way into "Hello Sunshine" just to have a chat, Rhys goes for a bit before holding up another sign; "Louder". The audience complies. Super Furry Animals even had some time for some newer pieces. Inspired by the Welsh National Soccer team qualifying for the Euro this year, Bing Bong their newest piece, is a fun sing a long that could easily fit aside anything from the earlier catalog. But perhaps the biggest response came from The Man Don't Give A Fuck; the audience  quickly joins in a hearty sing-along with more fucks than one could possibly count.

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