Saturday, July 23, 2016

Trixie Whitley - Indigo Street -- Rock'n'Roll Hotel - Jul 22 2016

Indigo Street - Indigo Street is a woman, not a band, but she has a strong band locked in behind her. She brings the lead vocals and electric guitar, while the band provides 12-string acoustic guitar, stand-up bass, and drums. It is an intriguing combination as she provides the intensity in the music, while the band adds subtle intricate backing. It is a fabulous sound that takes its cue from the the old European psyche folk scene with progressive elements, rock moments, even a touch of jazz. I hear elements of a smoother Elyse Weinberg along with someone like Mariza Koch and the band, Emma Myldenberger. Considering this is their second show together, it is amazingly accomplished. But these are fine experienced musicians that know how to create a unique atmosphere. The songs are strong and there is nothing not to like here, especially for an old psyche-folker like me.
photo: Rock'n'Roll Hotel
Trixie Whitley - If the opening band was edgy, Trixie Whitley and her band are even edgier. She sings and plays guitar most, but not all of the time. She is backed with drums, electric bass, and keyboards. Although there is a singer songwriter approach, it veers more towards rock than folk. The vocals are intense and expressive and create the edginess, but the keyboards counter that with a spooky backing that you don't think about often, but feel every step of the way. Her songs are strong and her personality is fun especially as she embraces a rather small crowd tonight. But that made for an even better show as I rarely see a Friday night crowd enraptured by the music and staying so quietly focused. And there was much to focus on as Whitley changed the arrangements from sparse solo outings to full band outings that varied in volume and depth. When you see a relatively small show filled with serious fans, you know there will be bigger shows in the future as the music gets discovered.

Video grab of the Night: Speaking of spooky...

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